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Solar lights and solar chargers

All products distributed by Namene are designed to help people and families thrive, wherever they live, by meeting their daily utility needs while eliminating sources of combustion.

Our products are sustainable, versatile and clean. Crucially, they are what our customers need them to be: simple, reliable, durable and affordable – with no ongoing running costs.

Our portable outdoor and indoor solar lights are built to last and have won awards for their quality and accessibility. 

Our Zafi solar charger allows off-grid households or urban customers experiencing regular power outages to charge their portable devices in all locations and stay connected at all times.


We design our products to last as long as possible, and provide maintenance support and tailored after-sales care to our buyers, including those living in the most remote locations. This way, we build long-term relationships with each of our customers based on trust and mutual benefits

All our products are made available through Namene’s innovative Buy As You Can approach, meaning we offer subsidised or low-cost devices to people as and when they need them and can afford them. 

Always affordable and high quality

New Zafi solar charger for your portable devices

Our Zafi solar charger uses solar power to charge all your portable devices in any location. Sustainable, affordable and durable, the Zafi solar panel keeps you connected and powered up at all times.

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Dec 4, 2020

Solar Impulse Foundation names SM100 solar light efficient climate solution

Solar visionary Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse Foundation has labelled our SM100 light as one of their efficient climate solutions.

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Sep 21, 2021

Introducing Occa Solar Light and head torch

Namene Solar launches our brand new solar light and head torch with a buy one, give one campaign. Occa’s features include 3 brightness modes with a maximum 50 lumens, a pulsing light mode and warm an

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