Humanitarian and NGO partnerships

Working with humanitarian organisations

One of Namene’s core values is care, and a key aspect of our work revolves around making sure our products reach those who need them the most, in any location and in any circumstance.

In addition to the lights we deploy through our carbon projects and commercial distributors, we partner with a range of global and local NGOs to rapidly distribute solar lights to communities affected by conflict or natural disasters.

Bringing light to people in their darkest hours

Our main global partner is  GlobalMedic, through whom we have dispatched over 200,000 lights to 26 countries on all continents since 2019. Most recently our lights have helped people whose homes were destroyed in devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Morocco, as well as those affected by war in Ukraine and Armenia.

Solar lights can be invaluable for people made homeless in the wake of disasters. They provide light that isn’t reliant on conventional power grids; help prevent accidents, injuries and violence; enable people to rebuild their lives as soon as possible; and support community gatherings, communication, and social activities, fostering a sense of normalcy and cohesion in temporary settlements.

Solar products and disaster relief

Besides the health, education and environmental benefits that pico solar lights provide, Namene lights are particularly well suited for emergency situations:

  • They are Verasol approved and adhere to Lighting Global Standards which fully meet the specific needs of different humanitarian settings. 
  • They pack small and can be deployed in large quantities rapidly and as needed.
  • They produce light through efficient LEDs, reducing the risk of fires, which is particularly important in crowded or temporary shelter settings.
  • If fully charged they last throughout the night, allowing people to engage in essential activities after sunset, such as cooking or attending to medical needs.
  • They require minimal maintenance, reducing the burden on relief organisations and allowing affected communities to manage and maintain the lights themselves.
  • Once distributed, our solar lights have low operating costs because they do not require ongoing fuel, single use battery or electricity expenses. This can save resources for humanitarian organisations and affected communities.

Our NGO Partners

Solar chargers for disaster relief

We are also looking to distribute our ultra-light weight solar charger, Zafi, for disaster relief purposes in the coming months, subject to testing. Zafi can power a range of devices in any location after as little as five hours of charging – providing connectivity and safety at the most desperate times.

Partnering with us

We’re always looking for new ways to make our products reach those in need. If you are an NGO looking for a clean technology provider, we’d love to hear from you. 


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