Purpose and values

Our purpose

Today 760 million people still do not have access to electricity. Millions of families depend on fossil fuels and or candles for lighting. Many more also rely on open fires or inefficient stoves for cooking.

These combustion devices are costly, polluting and dangerous. Clean technologies avoid emissions while reducing health hazards and lowering costs for customers.

New business models are required to make these technologies affordable and accessible to those who need them the most. The urgent need for new approaches is why we created Namene to empower every community through clean technology.

What does Namene do?

Namene is a business that believes people and planet should come first. We provide affordable, highly reliable, everyday devices to those who need them the most. We harness clean technology to transform lives and livelihoods.

Without ever compromising on quality, we make sure our products are always affordable and accessible to all by enabling our customers to buy what they need when they are able to, or by using their carbon-saving value to minimise prices through the sale of high-integrity carbon credits.

Helping people and families thrive with clean technology

Our Buy As You Can approach offers a much needed alternative to traditional utilities packages, which are most often not affordable to low-income families, or when they are, commit households to purchasing bundles of over-specified products through expensive, long-term loans. By offering single, modular and affordable products, we enable our customers to free up income to buy other clean devices when they afford them.

All devices distributed by Namene are designed to help people and families thrive, wherever they live, by meeting their daily utility needs while eliminating sources of combustion – starting with eradicating harmful kerosene lamps, followed by polluting cookstoves.

By providing safe and sustainable products to millions of people, we are proud to support a number of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals including:

Our values and manifesto.