The portable power of solar lights

Little lights. Big impacts.

We know that no solar light is too small to make a difference. In 2016 we created our first solar light, the award-winning SM100, which was named the world’s most affordable solar light and head torch.

Our lights are designed to be sustainable, versatile and 100% powered by the sun.

Charge by day. Light all night.

Solar light features

  • Inbuilt solar PV panel
  • 15 hours of light from a single charge
  • 3 brightness settings
  • Detachable stand
  • Head strap
  • Green LED light charge
  • VeraSol certified
SM200 tech specs

Versatile and multifunctional

  •  360 degree rotation
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Hang it
  • Wear it or
  • Direct it as a free standing task light

Product innovation

Truly sustainable products are designed with customers’ needs in mind. We’re continually innovating and developing our solar lights to be as efficient as possible whilst remaining affordable and high quality.


Our brand new solar light Occa is the first to feature back-up USB charging for cloudy days. Occa has warm and cool light settings, and maximum brightness of 50 Lumens.


The SM200 was designed for off-grid customers, with improved efficiency and new features including flashing pulse light mode.


The SM100 was a huge success. It was named the world's most affordable solar lamp, won multiple awards with over 500,000 sold to date.

Certified climate change solution

In 2019 the SM100 was awarded the Solar Impulse Label. The Solar Impulse Label is granted to innovative solutions to fight climate change that meet high standards of sustainability.

Each solution goes through a strict assessment process performed by independent experts. Solar lights tackle climate change and air pollution whilst giving energy access to households, often for the first time.


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Lighting up lives with the sun.

Solar lights are life-changing. They give families without electricity a sustainable and affordable way to light their homes, work and study after dark.

As part of our climate projects, our lights replace kerosene lamps. This reduces carbon emissions and health risks from toxic air pollution and eliminates the risk of house fires from open flame lighting.

Brighter, lighter, safer

We're making off-grid homes safer with solar lights that are up to five times brighter than kerosene.


What our customers say

“It has really helped us. You don’t have to look for power or take it anywhere to charge. We use it both night and day and the children use it to study.” –

Zaitun Muthonik Supuko, Kenyan Masai

“I use the light at night because I am afraid to sleep in the dark and the lamp lasts until I fall asleep. I also use the light while doing my studies when there’s a power outage.” – Zenande Mdingi, Get Ahead School, South Africa

“When the lights are on at night, it feels like a town, not a village. Now we use the power of the sun for lighting and we no longer need to spend on expensive candles and kerosene.” – Bernard Namasumo, Head Teacher at a rural school Zinazongwe, Zambia

Lights. Power. Action.

We distribute our lights all over the world.

From off-grid island families in the Philippines, to cocoa farmers in Ghana, conservation rangers in Kenya, and in emergency relief packages.

They are a truly cost-effective and rapidly deployed technology to provide sustainable light in any situation.

Globally distributed solar lights

Aug 16, 2021

Lighting-up island communities with One Million Lights Philippines

Our SM100 solar lights have reached hundreds of families in the Philippines, to give them reliable solar light through the typhoon season, which can cause power shortages and blackouts.

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Sep 21, 2021

Introducing Occa Solar Light and head torch

Namene Solar launches our brand new solar light and head torch with a buy one, give one campaign. Occa’s features include 3 brightness modes with a maximum 50 lumens, a pulsing light mode and warm an

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Dec 4, 2020

Solar Impulse Foundation names SM100 solar light efficient climate solution

Solar visionary Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse Foundation has labelled our SM100 light as one of their efficient climate solutions.

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