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New Zafi solar charger for your portable devices

Our Zafi charger uses solar power to charge your portable devices in any location. Sustainable, affordable and durable, the Zafi solar panel keeps you connected and powered up at all times, with no ongoing costs or contract.

You can’t overestimate the power of connection. But what happens when you run out of power to stay connected?

The night before his wedding day, Namene’s founder Patrick calls his wife-to-be, Frieda, while staying in a different location to her, in accordance with Namibian tradition. One minute into the call, at a key moment in their lives, her phone battery runs out. There is no power source in her family’s village, and Patrick will not be able to speak to Frieda until he sees her in church, in front of hundreds of people, the next day.

Moments like these are what drives Namene’s mission to provide high-quality, everyday devices that are always affordable and accessible – wherever people are. We harness clean technology to transform lives and livelihoods. 

Zafi solar panel charges portable devices using the power of the sun.

Sun-powered freedom, wherever you are

The Zafi solar charger, our newest product, has been designed to keep people connected and powered up at all the key moments in their lives. 

Zafi is a lightweight solar panel capable of charging any portable device – from phone to fan – with as little as five hours of charging time. Sustainable, durable, and affordable, Zafi is here to enhance connectivity and safety in any location – with the aim of enabling millions of users in remote or peri-urban locations to keep in touch with family, friends, and the wider digital world.  

Long-term charging, no ongoing charges 

In line with Namene’s Buy As You Can approach, Zafi is offered free of subscription fees or contract – in contrast to many traditional packages which often lock customers into long-term, high-interest repayments.  

In addition to freeing up income for families to buy other complementary, everyday products, buying Zafi removes the need for trips to charging points and stations, and avoids the use of polluting batteries.

Built to last, made of high-quality materials and repairable, Zafi  – which means ‘tree’ in Ethiopian Amharic – offers peace of mind and value while minimising users’ impact on the environment.

Giving more families access to clean energy with Zafi solar charger 

The launch of Zafi comes as more than 700,000 Namene solar lights have been distributed in Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, allowing more than 500,000 families to save over $6 per month and to gain independence from fossil fuels. Two million lights are expected to be sold by the middle of next year, empowering more households and communities across Sub-Saharan Africa through clean technology.