Buy As You Can

What is Buy As You Can?

We believe clean technology should be accessible to all. That’s why we offer our products using a finance model that makes them truly affordable to those who need them most.

Namene’s ‘Buy As You Can’ approach offers low-income families a much needed alternative to traditional contracts, which are either beyond their reach due to poor credit records or insufficient disposable income, or lock them into repaying expensive long-term loans for bundles of overspecified products.


We offer high-quality devices at a low-cost, and ‘as-needed’ basis. This frees-up household income for our customers to buy other durable, affordable and complementary products that are essential to improve their daily life.

We use regular customer surveys to inform how we design modular clean energy products that best support customers’ essential day-to-day needs. 

We have high ambitions for our company, our customers and our partners and believe that our Buy As You Can approach can be a game changer in giving millions of people access to clean, reliable, affordable products that transform their lives and improve their livelihoods.

Affordable clean energy