Corporate Partnerships

Corporate partnership opportunities

A range of corporate organisations partner with us to help empower communities through their CSR or ESG programmes, or to enhance their brands through customised products that support a range of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our products are life-changing. In addition to replacing harmful sources of combustion and polluting batteries, they instantly improve the health, livelihoods and educational outcomes of thousands of off-grid families every week.

Our corporate partners

Our Sustainable Development Goal Contributions

SDG1: Our lights allow families to save on average $6 per month, and to work and study after dark to improve their monthly income and long-term prospects.

SDG3: Replacing kerosene lamps and candles with solar lights removes pollution and health and safety hazards such as fires and respiratory diseases. Over 3 million people a year die of household air pollution from sources such as kerosene. 

SDG4: Our solar lights greatly improve conditions for home studying due to better lighting and air quality, leading to more study hours and better education outcomes for children.

SDG7: At the current pace of change, some 660 million people will still live without clean electricity in 2030, and 1.9 billion people without clean cooking – with most living in Sub Saharan Africa. An acceleration of investments in projects like ours is essential to deliver SDG 7 on time.

SDG8:Access to affordable, portable and reliable lighting at night opens up work and earning opportunities. Our carbon projects also create local income and jobs in impoverished rural areas where there are limited employment opportunities beyond subsistence farming.

SDG13: Our products directly reduce GHG emissions through avoided use of fossil fuels. Kerosene and candles emit 300,000,000t CO2e /year. 

GENESIS ENERGY GROUP support Kilimanjaro Trek4Mandela with Namene solar lights

GENESIS ENERGY GROUP helped light up the Trek4Mandela with a donation of Namene solar lights.

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Namene and Absa Bank supply Schools in South Africa with solar lights for young learners

Namene is proud to partner with Absa bank to provide life-changing solar lights for school children living in rural South Africa, where access to electricity is expensive and often unreliable. 

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Bringing Namene’s new brand to life: a collaboration with sustainable business Sealand

To celebrate the launch of our new rebrand, we partnered with South African lifestyle brand Sealand to create beautifully branded backpacks for the Namene team.

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