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The biggest impacts of Namene’s carbon project in Zambia

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Essential energy access for millions

Our lives depend on access to energy. It’s something many of us don’t think twice about, but for 675 million people worldwide, including 590 million in sub-Saharan Africa, access to electricity is still not a reality. 

For too many families, relying on homemade kerosene lamps or candles is their only option. These dim sources of light not only limit what people can do after dark, especially in tropical regions with long nights, but they also pose serious dangers. Burning kerosene emits toxic black carbon, harms the eyes and lungs, and frequently leads to house fires. Moreover, the cost of purchasing fuel can be exorbitant, trapping millions in a cycle of poverty.

Solar lights: a life-changing clean technology 

Despite these challenges, Africa boasts immense solar power potential. At Namene, we’re committed to harnessing this abundant and clean energy source to empower off-grid communities with access to safe and sustainable lighting solutions.

Through our Gold Standard-certified projects, Namene has already distributed over 1.2 million pico solar lights across several African countries since 2021, with a significant focus on Zambia. In a country where around 90% of the rural population lacks electricity, our lights are making a tangible, positive difference in people’s lives.

Sustainable Development Goals: measuring impact

Namene’s initiatives align closely with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly:

SDG 1: No Poverty

Our solar lights help alleviate poverty by reducing household expenditures on fuel, candles, and batteries. In Zambia alone, families can save an average of $25 annually, empowering them to allocate their resources to other essential needs.

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

By making solar lighting accessible to over 400,000 families in Zambia, our projects contribute to ensuring affordable and clean energy for all. Each purchase of a Verified Emission Reduction (VER) translates to approximately six families gaining access to clean and safe energy for the first time.

SDG 13: Climate Action

Through the displacement of traditional lighting sources, each Namene light prevents the emission of at least 92kg of carbon annually. To date, our efforts in Zambia alone have averted approximately 65,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

Social and environmental benefits: beyond illumination

The impact of Namene’s projects extends beyond emissions reduction. From improved education outcomes to enhanced health and safety, the benefits are manifold. We’re also dedicated to fostering local economic development by employing community members, including many women, as sales agents and partnering with local organisations for distribution and maintenance.

Driving positive change through carbon projects

Overseeing Namene’s solar lighting program in Zambia, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of our initiatives. By leveraging the voluntary carbon market and issuing Gold Standard VERs, we’re not only bringing quality products to those in need but also empowering families, individuals and  communities to thrive.

One of our Zambian community-based sales agents, Pride Siamenenga, embodies the impact of our work. With the income he earned, Pride was able to support his family’s education and purchase lights for his siblings, leading to tangible improvements in their lives.

Pride’s brother was able to use his light to study safely at night, and graduate, while his additional income has provided food security for his family. 

A path to progress for energy and climate goals

When carbon finance is utilized with integrity, as demonstrated by Namene’s projects, the potential for positive change is immense. 

As we continue to expand our efforts across Zambia and into new countries where our projects and products are most needed, we’re accelerating the transition to net zero while simultaneously addressing energy poverty, and advancing social equity.

By purchasing Namene VERs through the Gold Standard Marketplace, individuals and organisations alike can play a meaningful role in transforming the lives of thousands of families and communities while contributing to a more just and sustainable future.

Offset your emissions today and purchase Namene VERS from the Gold Standard Marketplace here: