Our manifesto

‘Namene’ means ‘new dawn.’ We chose this name for our business because we know the important role that clean technology has in building a more sustainable and equitable world. 

Embracing our values, we believe that:

  • Everyone, wherever they live, should have access to clean and reliable everyday products – nature and technology provide universal services to enhance every life.    


  • Business can be a force for good in promoting inclusion and tackling climate change – by turning ambition into innovation and profit into purpose.


  • Integrity is what drives long-term impact – from quality design to verifiable commitments and trusting partnerships.

Guided by our purpose, we commit to:

  • Always combining quality with affordability – we make durable products that are accessible to everyone, starting with those living off-grid.


  • Being fully accountable for our impact – we gather data to guide our decisions, and use transparency to back our claims.  


  • Championing good disruption – we strive to challenge systems and models that entrench poverty and limit opportunity.