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Building connections and solutions: Namene at New Scientist Live

In early October we were at New Scientist Live in London to showcase the power of solar energy and engage hundreds of attendees in delivering hands-on solutions to end energy and climate inequality.

In partnership with SolarAid, NOMAD, Statkraft, and the University of Edinburgh, we proudly hosted the Stand for Solar. We demonstrated the power of our solar lights, how they’re used in our hands-on educational workshops, and officially launched our new education programme Namene Connects.

Over three days, Namene Connects’ Education Programme Manager Francesca Shirley led activities and conversations to bring to life for students, parents and educators how clean technology can empower communities in the global south. 

The exhibition –  the UK’s biggest festival of science, technology and innovation – also marked the launch of Namene’s new Watu Solar Light Built Kit, with the kits selling out on the second day of the event. 

Beyond giving participants the opportunity to assemble their own solar light, our Namene Connects workshops enable people to make a much bigger impact – with Namene matching every assembled light with a light donated to a family living in the global south without access to electricity.

Namene Connects Education Programme Manager Francesca Shirley at New Scientist Live

Namene Connects Education Programme Manager Francesca Shirley at New Scientist Live

Addressing energy poverty and tackling climate change at New Scientist Live


Francesca said: “I’m thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response I received from attendees to our Namene Connects programme and our Watu Built Kit. It was heartening to see both children and adults eager to engage with our mission of empowering communities, addressing energy poverty and tackling climate change with clean technology.”

She added: “Today 770 million people live without energy, and more people die each year from kerosene lamp use than malaria. That’s why Namene solar lights offer our off-grid customers a life-changing alternative to open flame, fossil fuel-based lighting, and an affordable first step on the clean energy ladder. As a company that turns ambition into innovation, we’re proud to have had our work exhibited at the UK’s biggest festival of ideas.”  


Our Connects programme offers a fun two-part learning experience for participants in schools and in corporate institutions.  They can learn about the importance of ending energy poverty and climate inequality through engaging learning sessions, and contribute to the solutions in a hands-on way by building a light. 


If you’d like to book a Namene Connects workshop for your class or company, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us to find out more or book your first workshop: francesca.shirley@namenesolarcom