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Namene’s purpose is to empower every community through clean technology. We provide affordable, highly reliable, everyday devices to those who need them the most – harnessing clean technology to transform lives and livelihoods.

Through our work, we aim to help meet two global imperatives: ending energy poverty and securing a net-zero future. Key to this is building the partnerships and solutions that will help close the gap between those who have access to power and those who don’t.

It’s all, really, about making connections.

Tackling energy and climate inequality

About 770 million people still do not have access to electricity today. For millions of families in the Global South, a homemade kerosene lamp is the only option. It is a dim source of light that limits what people can do after dark. It is also dangerous and expensive. Burning kerosene emits toxic black carbon, damages eyes and lungs, and frequently causes house fires. And buying the fuel for their lamps can cost a family up to $100 a year – compared to less than $5 a year needed to use a LED light for ten hours a day in the Global North.

While kerosene lamps are highly polluting, the vast majority of the world’s emissions originate in the Global North. Yet those in the Global South – many living in energy poverty – are the worst impacted by global heating.

Ending energy poverty and fighting climate inequality go hand in hand. And there are some simple solutions that we can all contribute to.

Everything Namene does is designed to help meet people’s daily needs while eliminating sources of combustion.

And now you can help us transform more lives.

Learn - Build - Give

We all have the power to change things. And our Connects programme does just that.

Namene Connects offers a fun learning experience whereby participants, in schools, corporations, institutions and educational settings can learn more about the imperative of ending energy poverty and climate inequality – all while directly contributing to the solutions in a hands-on way.

Our Build Kit allows Namene Connects participants to assemble a Namene ‘Watu’ light – a practical and memorable demonstration of how big problems can be tackled through small but impactful acts.

For every solar light built in one of our sessions in the Global North, a light is given to an off-grid family in the Global South.

If you’d like to help us with that, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us to find out more or book your first workshop.


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If you’d like to help us with that, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us to find out more or book your first workshop.

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