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WATCH: A solar solution in Sub-Saharan schools

Namene Solar’s Schools’ Programme Manager breaks down the social, environmental and educational benefits fo solar lights in Sub-Saharan Africa.

On Sunday, the world celebrated the International Day of Light, a day to champion enlightenment, knowledge, science and the power of light over darkness.

At Namene Solar, it’s this power that drives our work to bring truly affordable, clean solar light to millions of people around the world every year.

We’ve set our sights set on making the limitless power of the sun accessible for everyone.Whether that’s through connecting people and businesses to clean, modern solar power, replacing kerosene lamps with solar lights in our Gold Standard carbon offsetting projects, or providing a light in darkness for those affected by disasters through Global Medic emergency kits.

This year, we’re spotlighting one area of our work that directly helps to light up lives in Sub-Saharan Africa. We collaborated with the climate and sustainable energy YouTube channel, Just Have A Think, to share the science behind the social and environmental and educational benefits of our solar lights in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Watch the video below to find out why 789 million people in the world still don’t have access to clean, safe light, and what we’re doing to solve this global issue.

Through our solar lights projects and sales, we’re transforming what light looks like for people without electricity access. From toxic, expensive fossil fuels to renewable solar light at a truly affordable price.

What’s more, our latest solar light has new features, more lumens and added functionality to make it our brightest most versatile solar light and head torch yet.

Head to to find out more and get involved in our buy one, give one campaign.