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PRESS RELEASE: Namene deploys over 1 million solar lights in southern Africa

Clean technology company Namene achieves a crucial milestone by distributing one million solar lights to off-grid customers through its carbon projects since 2021.

Lusaka, Zambia – 29 September – Namene has delivered its millionth discounted solar light under its carbon projects, two years after the projects’ inception.

Currently operational in Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Lesotho, Namene offers off-grid and low-income households quality pico lights at a discount of up to 70% on their retail value, made possible through the sale of high-quality carbon credits. The credits are issued on the basis of reduced emissions from replacing highly-polluting candles or kerosene lamps.

The millionth solar light was delivered on 24 September to a family in the village of Salumbwe in the Mwandi district in Western Zambia. In total, Namene has deployed approximately 1.5 million lights through its carbon projects as well as other channels such as corporate CSR programmes, NGO partnerships and direct sales.

The milestone comes shortly after the International Energy Agency published its data and projections on Sustainable Development Goal 7 (Clean and affordable energy), which find that there are still 760 million people without access to electricity today, with a vast majority living in remote communities in Africa and Asia. 

Namene’s approach aims to help deliver SDG 7 and accelerate the transition to net zero by scaling the distribution of affordable, reliable and clean energy and utility products to millions of families neglected by current models.  

Patrick Lagrange, CEO, says:

‘About 10,000 families purchase a Namene light each week, and in two years, our discounted pico solar lights have gained significant market shares in the countries we serve. This rapid growth proves that affordability is the main factor in unlocking access to clean energy for those who need it the most. Our models allow us to offer this affordability without compromising on quality.’

He adds: ‘Reaching 1 million lights deployed is just the start, and we will soon extend our carbon projects to additional regions and new devices such as energy-efficient cookstoves. Our ambition is to harness carbon finance and clean technology to empower up to 40 million people in remote communities in Africa and Asia by 2030 – using both products and carbon credits of the highest quality.’

Namene’s premium carbon credits are certified by Gold Standard, who currently has the most demanding requirements on the voluntary carbon market. Each Namene light avoids at least 92kg of CO2 per year, while contributing to six SDGs including SDG 1 (No poverty), SDG 3 (Good health and wellbeing) and SDG 4 (Quality education). And for every carbon credit issued by Namene, up to 11 families benefit from clean lighting. Namene supplements the Gold Standard measurements with its own stringent monitoring processes, to ensure the lights bring maximum benefits to their buyers.

Bernardo Lazo, Namene’s Head of Climate, says:

‘Behind the million figure are 650,000 or so families whose lives have been changed by solar lighting – with more hours in the day to work or study, and dangerous and toxic sources of light removed from their homes. After a one-off low-cost purchase, they can also save monthly income to spend on other products that enhance their daily lives. We are grateful to all the local partners and distributors who help us reach and empower these families.’

About Namene

Namene provides highly reliable, everyday devices to those who need them the most – harnessing clean technology to transform lives and livelihoods. Without ever compromising on quality, we make sure our products are always affordable to all by enabling our customers to buy what they need when they are able to. All devices distributed by Namene are designed to help people and families thrive wherever they live, by meeting their daily utility needs in a sustainable and accessible way. Find out more at