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Introducing Zuba solar light: solar power for you, for years

Meet Zuba, the latest addition to our clean tech product family now available in Namibia.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, waterproof and designed to withstand harsh environments, Zuba is the ultimate renewable and reliable source of light – wherever you are and whatever your needs. 

Zuba, which means ‘sun’ in Zambian Tonga, is the name for our latest solar light. 

Zuba’s design revolves around simplicity and quality, to ensure the light remains affordable for those living off-grid or in peri-urban areas who need it most. 

Using feedback from our customers on their needs, and drawing on our own learnings to improve on earlier designs, Zuba is built to be tough and durable – providing customers with a reliable and renewable source of light that lasts for years. 

Zuba combines robust materials and repairable, reusable components for easy servicing and repairs when needed to keep the light in use for as long as possible. With no subscription fees or contracts, Zuba is both affordable and sustainable – lighting up lives while removing the need to spend on fuels or batteries and avoiding carbon emissions from fossil fuel-based lighting.

Introducing Namene's new Zuba solar light in Namibia.

Introducing Namene’s new Zuba solar light in Namibia.

Harnessing the power of the sun

Zuba is the most robust solar light designed by Namene to date. Harnessing the power of the sun, Zuba provides free, bright and clean lighting for years. Made from strong materials with removable, repairable and reusable components to ensure it stands the test of time.

Durable design for harsh environments

Zuba is built to last and designed to thrive in challenging environments. Waterproof in up to 1 metre of water (IP66 / IP68 1m), it can withstand both scorching sun and being submerged underwater. The covering on the panel reduces wear and tear on the PV, making it the ideal solar product for the harshest conditions.

Affordable and sustainable solar light 

Zuba provides up to 7.5 hours of light from a single charge. It’s an affordable alternative for families using fossil fuel-based lighting or battery powered torches. Zuba frees up income for other essential purchases. Like all our solar lights, Zuba only requires the sun to charge. No daily recharging trips to power points are necessary, which is a common reality for off-grid customers in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

User-friendly and reliable

Zuba features an intuitive, user-friendly design with a large power button and a single setting. It’s easy to use, durable, and longer-lasting than competitor products, providing a hassle-free experience. Moreover, Zuba comes with a two-year warranty, offering peace of mind to its users. 

Namene CEO, Patrick Lagrange said: 

‘We designed Zuba to bring free, clean and safe lighting for millions of off-grid families. We have taken time to improve and evolve the design of this solar light, because we know the life-changing and lasting impact it can make as a reliable source of light to people – be it for daily work or studies where there is no access to electricity, or in the harshest conditions created by conflicts or natural disasters.”

Namene Head of Product and Manufacturing, Jordan Burns said: 

“The Namene design ethos is centred on simplicity and durability and our latest product, Zuba, embodies this. We have used our experience and feedback from distributing its predecessor the SM100, and tested this latest model in the harshest conditions to create a product that we are confident can benefit people for years. Whether under the scorching sun or one metre underwater, Zuba will keep bringing the light at the touch of a button.” 

Zuba is the latest in Namene’s clean tech product family of solar lights and solar chargers. Discover our full product range.