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Namene rebrand: A new dawn for our company

Namene has evolved as a clean technology company, growing both in scale and ambition over the years. To reflect this evolution, we recently refreshed our purpose and values, and are now proud to share a vibrant new visual brand that brings them to life.

At Namene, we believe that business can be a force for good. That’s why our purpose is to empower every community – no matter where they live – through clean technology. 

Just like our products, we have thoughtfully crafted every element of our new brand to reflect that purpose. 

The versatility of our new design echoes the adaptability of our products and business model, while the playful graphic elements and vivid colours represent the joy they bring to our customers. 

Playful, modular, accessible design 

In our early years, our dedicated product design team manufactured and delivered our first solar light, the SM100. It was a breakthrough innovation which won multiple awards and built a reputation for Namene as a solar company that produced high-quality, affordable products for off-grid and low-income customers. 

We have now deployed over a million solar lights in southern Africa, proactively seeking feedback from our customers on their needs and preferences, and developing and refining our products and service offerings in response.

Adaptability and modularity continue to be cornerstones of Namene’s business model. Our products are designed with repairability and durability in mind, and our Buy-As-You-Can approach  allows customers to purchase the products they need when they can afford them in an accessible step-by-step approach. This consciously modular approach is reflected in our new brand.

Living our values 

We strive to continue to live our values, and are confident that our new visual identity matches our bold vision for our company, our partners and our customers. 

Commenting on Namene’s rebrand Chief Executive Officer Patrick Lagrange, said:

“Our rebrand coincides with a turning point in our journey. Using everything we have achieved so far, we are broadening our horizons and confidently raising our ambitions. We want to celebrate this new chapter in our story in every way – including visually.”

Namene’s Head of Product and Manufacture, Jordan Burns, said: 

“We have designed a visual identity to truly embody who we are as an organisation, to visually communicate our values, and be completely transparent. Every element of this new design fits together to create a striking visual representation that captures the spirit of collaboration at Namene. The refreshed Namene brand essence is bold, impactful, and honest just like our products and business.”