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Introducing Occa Solar Light and head torch

Namene Solar launches our brand new solar light and head torch. Occa is sustainable, versatile and ready for action.

We made a splash in the solar light market in 2016, when we designed the ‘world’s most affordable solar lamp.’ Now we’re bringing the power of pocket size solar to even more people with our brand new solar light and head torch Occa. 

Occa’s high-efficiency, inbuilt solar panel provides up to 15 hours of light from a single charge. It has a sleek and ergonomic design that makes it tough enough for outdoors adventure, or as a reliable light source in emergencies.

We made Occa to be truly versatile, perfect as an everyday essential or outdoor adventure must-have. Occa’s features include 3 brightness modes with a maximum 50 lumens, a pulsing light mode and warm and cool light settings. It even has back-up USB-C charging so you’ll never be left in the dark even on the cloudiest days.

Sustainable modular design

Occa is designed purposefully, to meet the highest quality standards. Our conscious approach to product design means that we have created Occa with modular elements, including the USB-C connector. This means it can be easily repaired and updated for years to come.

This, combined with Occa’s high-efficiency solar charging means that we are delivering a truly sustainable, modular, all-purpose light.

What’s more, when you buy an Occa solar light, we donate one of our award-winning SM100 solar lights to our charity partners in Kenya and South Africa, to put the power of portable solar light into more people’s hands.

Occa has a high-efficiency solar panel that charges in direct sunlight.


When you buy light, we give a light

At Namene Solar we believe in building products with purpose. With Occa, we’re giving people a chance to bring affordable solar into their lives in a meaningful way. Our buy one, give one offer gives makes a real impact for people living without access to electricity.

We’re partnering with three incredible organisations that will receive a an SM 100 solar light for every Occa sold. These are: HODI (Horn of Africa Development Institute), Qhubeka and Get Ahead Project Schools. Each of these organisations work to improve quality of life through sustainable development, and our solar lights can make a big difference. 

In rural and off-grid homes, solar lights replace open flame, fossil fuel-based lighting like kerosene lamps that cause respiratory illness and are a fire hazard. Each of our solar lights saves around 92kg of carbon dioxide emissions every year by replacing fossil fuel-based lighting. But Occa’s impact goes beyond cutting emissions

‘Occa’ is inspired by the Oshiwambo word ‘Okadhila’, which means bird. Oshiwambo is a language spoken by over one million people in Namibia and Angola. Birds are often a symbol of hope and freedom. We believe that learning is the key to ultimate freedom. Like a bird without wings, a child without education is held back from reaching their full potential.

When you buy an Occa light, you’re directly helping to unlock this potential by giving young people without reliable electricity access a solar light to read, study and learn safely after dark.

solar light

When you buy a light, we give a light.

To preorder your Occa solar light, head to and bring a little light into your life!