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5 reasons to power your business with solar

We’re at the beginning of a critical decade for businesses to take meaningful climate action. At Namene Solar we know that solar power is the right thing for companies, their customers and the planet. But if you need a little more convincing here are our top 5 reasons to go solar in 2021.

Save money with solar power

Solar energy makes financial sense for businesses and commercial operations. The cost of solar power has fallen dramatically. Solar energy now competes globally with fossil fuel generation without subsidy and is the least expensive form of electricity generation per Watt.

Namene Solar is committed to enabling quality, affordable solar energy. That’s why we provide case-by-case financial structuring and funding for our systems.

We know there’s no dependable one-size-fits-all solar arrangement. We provide flexible financing to allow for circumstantial changes during your financing period. With everything in one place, we offer a one-stop shop for your solar asset.

Complementary power

Solar energy is complementary to the electrical load patterns of businesses. The profile of energy generation matches the operations of a businesses’ typical daytime activities and the energy required.

Our team provides local market expertise to deliver the best energy service to our customers. We have offices in Accra and Nairobi, with a team of solar and financing professionals based in Europe.

Our customers save an average of 20% per unit energy cost.

Run your business on sun – no fuel necessary

Solar power’s super power is that you only need sunlight to generate energy. Unlike fossil fuels, no feedstock is required. A well-maintained solar system will generate consistent, reliable power for decades.

Installing solar systems allows businesses to reliably forecast their energy costs for a period of 20 years or more. This cuts out risk of fluctuating energy prices within investment decisions. It’s a hedge against energy prices, which can spike or dip with the impact of short term political decisions, whilst trends show average energy price increases in the long term.

Be a climate leader and cut CO2 emissions

The world is watching as this year the UK will host the UN’s COP26 climate change talks in Glasgow. World leaders and campaigners will come together to commit to stronger climate targets to avoid catastrophic global heating. These targets will only be achieved with bold climate action from businesses. And those that transition to clean solar power will be shining examples to their investors, stakeholders and customers of strong climate leadership.

Solar supplies reliable, uninterrupted power

Installing solar helps your business to become sustainable and self-sufficient. But solar power also works in harmony with grid supplied energy, and other forms of generation as well as with batteries, to provide a reliable, uninterrupted energy service.

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