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The global energy supply is changing. To meet the demand for clean energy, we’re installing affordable solar at every scale. Solar isn’t just good for your savings, it’s the best choice for the planet too. We develop and install large-scale solar solutions that are renewable, rapidly deployed and cost effective.

Our experienced team has operated since 2015 and brings years of expertise to commercial and industrial solar, at any scale.

Connecting people to the sun to power their lives and businesses.



Next-generation Energy

Powered by Solar

Our Service Offers

In the UK, we’re helping farmers and landowners earn additional income from solar by leasing their land for solar PV installations.

Lease your land for solar

Meeting the world’s clean energy needs.

From utility scale power plants that supply the national grid, to rooftop solar solutions for businesses. We facilitate and develop solar plants built to suit the scale of your demand.

We are helping businesses and landowners decarbonise and be a part of the clean energy future. The International Energy Agency has calculated that in order to reach net zero, the UK must double its solar capacity fro 15 Gigawatts to as much as 30 Gigawatts.



Our Power Team

Our power projects are headed up by industry professionals with decades of experience in solar.

Beatrice Moda
Associate Projects Director

"I'm an advocate for business that does better. I have more than 5 years’ experience in the solar sector across a broad range of markets: from Portugal,
Spain and Italy, to Kenya and UK."

Ramin Dilmaghanian
Projects Director

I have over 15 years’ experience in the solar sector, and I’ve been involved in delivering over 350 MW of projects in the UK, from schools and commercial businesses to utility scale developments."

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PRESS RELEASE: Solar provider ecoligo to take over Namene Solar commercial and industrial projects in Ghana

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