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There is something we can all do to make our planet a brighter, healthier place.

By bringing a little solar light into your life you can save carbon emissions and join the 500,000 people already powering their lives with the sun. You can pre-order our brand new solar light Occa today. For every Occa purchase, we donate a solar light to a family living without electricity.

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Lease your land for solar

The way we farm our land is changing. You can swap crops for solar and make extra money on a solar asset. By leasing your land for a solar installation you’ll not only be investing in an income-generating asset, you’ll also be supporting the ecology of the land and, you can still keep farming it if you choose.

Find out how you can invest in a healthy, profitable future for your farmland here.

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Offset your emissions

Sustainable business is good business. That’s why we’re here to help you decarbonise your business operations on two fronts.

We do more than connect your business to solar power. We also help you offset your unavoidable emissions with our verified solar light carbon offsetting projects.

Take the first steps to offset your emissions here.

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NGO partnerships

We partner with the most trusted, impactful NGO partners  to support our mission. We believe in and support collaboration to deploy truly affordable solar light wherever it is needed.

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School programmes

We’re working with schools around the world to educate children and young people about the transformative power of solar.

We deliver hands-on workshops in classrooms and discovery sessions with students to inspire next generation of solar stars.

To find out more information or discuss booking a classroom session contact

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