Namibia climate project

Our project in Namibia

We bring clean, highly-affordable solar light to families living off-grid in rural and peri-urban areas across Namibia, to offset carbon emissions and provide truly affordable solar light.

Our project in Namibia is the first Gold Standard-certified project in the country. Right now in Namibia, 65% of the 1.1 million people in rural areas are living without electricity access and only 3.8% of households use solar energy for lighting. People living beyond the grid or in areas with unreliable electricity use fossil fuels, battery-powered torches, candles and firewood.

Little lights.
Big impacts.

Affordable, reliable, renewable solar lights

In Namibia’s informal settlements, families have lost their homes and in even their family members to fires caused by candles or kerosene lamps. But tragic accidents like this can be avoided by providing access to solar lighting.

Solar is safer, affordable, reliable, and better for the environment.

Verified emissions reductions

We are working to bring our solar lights to households in rural areas and urban informal settlements at mass scale across Namibia. The project is set to deliver 652,000 lights.

By purchasing our verified emissions reductions, you will finance the deployment of solar lights for families, helping them to switch from high-cost polluting fossil fuels to affordable, safe and rechargeable solar lights.

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Our project in Namibia is the first Gold Standard-certified carbon project in the country. This certification ensures our project has the biggest possible impact and meets the highest standards of verification in the voluntary carbon market.


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