About us

Namene Solar believes in solar power without limit.

The word ‘namene’ translates to ‘new dawn.’ We chose this name for our business because we know the important role that solar energy has in the transition to a new era for our energy supply.

Since 2017 we have been working to realise our vision of a world where people power their work, lives and businesses with the sun. That’s why we offer solar products and services of all sizes, to suit every need and every budget, and make sure that no one is left behind on the journey to universal energy access.

We're powered by the sun and inspired by human potential. 

We work across three business units.

Solar Lights

Climate Projects

Solar Power

Our purpose

Our purpose is to bring everyone, everywhere access to clean, affordable energy. As solar specialists we deliver affordable and sustainable products and services, designed to meet the needs of our customers, wherever they are in the world.

We have a diverse team working together to tackle the global challenges of climate change and energy access on three fronts. Our award-winning portable solar lights give off-grid families their first step on the clean energy ladder, our large-scale power projects add more solar to the energy mix, and our climate projects help offset and avoid carbon emissions from kerosene lamps.

Together we can power the world with solar.

Our team

We’re proud to have some of the brightest solar experts, creatives and financing heads, working from hubs across Africa and Europe. Together we deliver quality solar products wherever light and power is needed.

Patrick Lagrange
Managing Director

Leading innovation teams for investment firms across four continents helped shape my ambitious problem-solving mindset. It’s now put to use scaling sustainable impact.

Bernardo Lazo
Climate Director

I lead a team of multi-talented colleagues and partners in the development and implementation of effective and scalable solar lights distribution programmes.

Jason Wallis
Finance Director

I've helped transform a solar developer from start-up to a leading EPC. I most enjoy helping people finance and build renewable energy, whatever their industry.

Jordan Burns
Product Designer

I design Namene Solar lights with innovation and sustainability as the core design principles.

Leah Kinyua
Operations Manager

The technical expertise required to create procurement plans for PV infrastructure helps me to work at different scales, including our pico solar lights.

Duda Graziano
Research and Training Associate

Education is my absolute passion! At Namene Solar I research innovative ideas for the climate team and develop training materials for colleagues.

Sergio Sena
Senior Electronics Engineer

I design the electronics core of Namene Solar Lights, aiming for highest quality light output and power savings

Francesca Shirley
Schools Programme Manager

Part physicist, part eco-champion; I manage our outreach programme for schools. I'm proud to share my passion for clean technology with the next generation.

Ian Mills
Head of Partnerships and Sales

What excites me most about Namene Solar is bringing together innovative products and integrated partnerships to change lives and arrest climate change.

Daniel Wallis
Operations Associate

I develop our climate programmes and assist our country teams with the tools to scale our solar light distribution.

Nina Malmgren
Product Design Engineer

I work on the technical and manufacturing details of our new products. I consult with the team on project requirements and plans, testing prototypes, and creating 3D CAD models.

Tom Verdon
Product Design Engineer

I'm passionate about turning ideas into products to solve people's needs. I use tools which accelerate this discovery process such as 3D printing and 3D visualisation.

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Why Namene Solar?

We believe that sustainable business is good business. As global solar specialists, we know how solar can help decarbonise companies, power homes and bring the next billion people abundant, affordable energy. As a company we’re rapidly growing keep up with the scale of our ambitions.

With our projects, products and services we deliver scalable solar power without limit. We make solar accessible and affordable for all.

We work with industry leaders

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Lighting-up island communities with One Million Lights Philippines

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